relax in our spahhh area

How does this work? It’s really simple. With an aromatherapy oil, full body or back massage or by visiting our steam bath box, the fog cave and one of our infrared sauna cabins. You will see that you need to be really active in order to make use of this wide range of facilities.



Steam bath box

You are guaranteed to feel like you’re in Finland with our steam bath box, an outdoor sauna which can be used to receive rigorous treatments or simply to unwind in. However, we strongly advise against consuming alcohol when visiting the sauna.

Wellness sauna

Moderate temperatures are typical for a sanarium (aka biosauna). This soothing alternative to a hot Finnish sauna is specially designed for people with poor circulation and children. Ultimately, everyone should be able to find total relaxation at the ‘Rössle’!

Infrared sauna

Fill yourself with positive energy in the form of infrared rays! You will not only feel pleasantly warm but you will also boost your immune system, stimulate your circulation, release tension and much more. Mountain huts and sun terraces create an atmosphere with their wooden shingles.

Fog cave

High humidity and pleasant temperatures have a positive effect on your skin and well-being: A visit to our steam bath will ease, cleanse, nurture and relax you. When was the last time that you felt like a new person?

Exfoliation room

Our home-made exfoliating cream, used in conjunction with the invigorating shower spray for body and legs, is ideal for sportspeople’s stressed skin and heavily worked biker’s legs. Position yourself either lying down or standing up and wash away your tiredness.

Massage chamber

Our massage therapists have magic hands that will get rid of any tight muscles, make your connective tissue flexible again and stimulate your circulation. For once let someone else aid your physical well-being in calm surroundings. After all, that’s what we’re here for.