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On the slopes of the Bregenz Forest, it’s all about speed – speed in finding inner harmony. To let your mind and body travel down the parallel slalom and to carry this momentum with you into the evening activities. Our winter activity programmes provide guidance on how to achieve this.

Explore the skiing areas!

Cross-country hiking in snow shoes

Snowshoes are the ideal piece of sports equipment for going cross-country hiking in winter. Obstacles such as steep slopes and deep snow are a welcome challenge. The area’s previously inaccessible terrain suddenly becomes within reaching distance again. By following in the footsteps of the forest inhabitants, you can experience the quiet side of nature. Small tip: pay close attention to the weather forecasts and plan your route carefully. Snowshoes and tour tips are available for free in the hotel!


Cross-country skiing in Au: get quickly acclimatised, ski longer

Endurance means over 62km of cross-country ski trails!
Thanks to 63 kilometres of perfectly prepared trails, even those who are normally a bit out of sorts in the morning time will quickly find their rhythm when cross-country skiing in Au and Schoppernau. In harmony with yourself and nature for once, you can glide along gently or skate and give yourself a real good workout in the process.


Winter hiking – more than just fun after a long night

It is so relaxing to go along at your own ideal speed. Over 40km of well kept winter hiking trails in Au and Schoppernau, in the Bregenz Forest, invite you to root yourself into the earth, enjoy the tranquillity of nature or revisit past experiences. The hiking trails often run parallel with the cross-country ski trails and are laid out in a way that prevents you from sinking into the snow when going on winter hikes with normal winter boots. Get an overview of our winter hiking trails



Tobogganing – the cool alternative to skiing and snowboardin

Tobogganing is not just something for young children. Keeping the toboggan sled under control is challenging. Those who manage this will feel such an adrenaline rush on the 6 natural toboggan runs in Au and Schoppernau. A variety of natural toboggan runs such as the toboggan run at Neuhornbachhaus or the one at the Bergkristallhütte promise a speedy journey into the valley! Moreover, sleds can be borrowed for free at the hotel.

Other winter delights:

Ski tours

Ski! project

Horse-drawn sleigh rides



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