massages & treatments

feel good from head to toe. power in every muscle fiber.


After a massage or one of our treatments you will feel well oiled and freshly refueled.
Bookable Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday | Therapist: Gabriella Szendrei

Classic Massages

Full body massage: approx. 50 min – € 70
With skillful massage techniques and deep strokes tensions
are released and loosened. Highly recommended
after a sporty day on the mountain.

Partial body massage: approx. 25 min – € 40
Relieves tension in the back muscles.
Stimulates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation.

Sports massage legs: approx. 25 min – € 45
Serves as preparation for physical exertion
or to loosen up after sports activities.

Aroma oil massage: approx. 50 min – € 80
For strengthening, power and vitality.

Combination massage: approx. 50 min – € 75
During the foot reflexology massage, certain body organs are activated with pressure.
Finally, enjoy a relaxing back massage.

Foot reflexology massage: approx. 25 min – € 45
During the foot massage self-healing powers are stimulated and
positively influenced. The soles of the feet stimulate special points
such as organs, the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system are stimulated.

Manual lymphatic drainage
The lymphatic drainage is stimulated with special hand movements.
This drains, detoxifies and purifies the body.

Full body lymphatic drainage: approx. 50 min – € 75
Lymphatic drainage leg: approx. 25 min – € 45