applications at our partner hotel adler

cosmetic treatments & other treatments at our partner hotel adler!


only 200 meters away – let us pamper you!


Bookable from Tuesday to Friday 12 am to 7 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm

Intensive cleansing –  facial treatment| 60 min. € 85
This facial treatment leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and radiant.
Your skin is deeply cleansed with the deep cleansing and active ingredients of Team Dr. Joseph products, and sebum production is normalized.
The gentle lymphatic drainage additionally supports the removal of harmful substances.

Anti-aging – facial treatment | 80 min. € 115
After a skin diagnosis, the treatment with natural active ingredients
will be individualized to your skin needs with immediate effect
and a deep relaxing pampering program.

Face peeling and mask | 30 min. € 45
The peeling helps the skin to regenerate faster and helps visually with impurities and wrinkles.

Power facial treatment for men | 60 min. € 75
A powerful, natural, high-impact facial with skin diagnosis, deep cleansing, special products and pampering massage.

Medical pedicure
without nail polish| 40 min. € 54
with nail polish |  50 min. € 61
After a fine foot bath, the nails are shortened and the cuticles and calluses are professionally removed.

without nail polish | 40 min. € 51
with nail polish | 50 min. € 58
The treatment begins with a warm hand bath. Then the nails are filed, the cuticles are removed and pampered with the nourishing Team Dr.
Joseph product.

Manicure shorty | 25 min. € 20
File and paint.

Purifying back care |  50 min. € 65
A deep cleansing with peeling, mask and fine massage.

Moms-to-be | 90 min. € 99
Facial peeling and mask combined with pedicure with nail polish.

Well-being massage | 50 min. € 70

Neck-, shoulder-, dekoleté & facemassage |  30 min. € 45

Teens and Kids

Facial for kids from 12 years | 50 min. € 60
The focus of this special facial treatment is deep cleansing. Products rich in active ingredients cleanse deep into the pores, gently loosen blockages and normalize sebum production. In addition, there is a skin diagnosis and tips for home.

Princess manicure | 20 min. € 18
Filing and varnishing.

Massage & bath

Our baths can be booked daily.

Bregenzerwälder whey bath |  65 min.  € 75
With spruce needle oil + massage
Relaxing whey bath followed by aromatic oil massage.
Whey as a proven skin care product in combination with essential
spruce needle essential oil has a soothing effect and provides pleasant warmth,
especially during the cold season.

Relaxation baths

Adler sportsman – vitality bath | 25 min. € 30
The oil bath for athletes. The combination of essential oils that stimulate the circulatoin,
such as mountain pine and rosemary, help to improve fitness and strengthen the muscles.
Beneficial for sore muscles and tension.

Relaxing bath | 25 min. € 30
Against restlessness and nervousness.
This wonderful bath, scented with fresh lemon balm and lavender,
brings calm and relaxation.
A health bath with a supporting effect against restlessness and sleep disorders.

Whey bath – soothing | 25 min. € 30
During this relaxing whey bath, you will care for your skin and achieve a purifying effect.
Tensions are relieved and it soothes after a strenuous day.